Blocked Drains

A tree’s root system seeks out moisture and nutrients to enable it to survive and grow. The inside of a sewer pipe is an ideal environment for tree roots as it has both moisture and nutrients present. Tree roots will grow along a pipe until they reach a fault such as a loose / leaking joint, deteriorated seal, or a cracked / damaged section of pipe.

At this point the tiny roots will gain access to the pipe. Once inside the roots can then grow into a large root mass, which results in blocking the pipe. It is rare for a tree root gain access to a properly installed pipe.

As the root mass grows inside the pipe it will trap kitchen grease / oil, and toilet paper as it moves down the drain, causing a blocked pipe.

How do you remove tree roots from a drain?

A lot of Brisbane plumbers use an Electric Eel to remove tree roots. The Electric Eel has a cable that spins around inside the pipe. However, it is only able to punch a hole through the root mass, it cannot clean out all of the tree roots present.

The best way to remove tree roots from a drain pipe at your Brisbane house is to use a plumber that has a hydro water jetter. They will insert the jetter into the blocked pipe where the roots are and use high pressure water to break up and flush out all the tree roots from inside the pipe. This is the most thorough way to remove the roots.

Also make sure your Brisbane plumber is licensed and uses a drain camera after they have cleaned the drain to verify that they have not left any tree roots behind to continue growing.