Is a Drain Camera Required to Unblock a Drain?

A CCTV drain camera is a water proof camera that is attached to the end of a cable. The cable is inserted into a sewer or storm water pipe to see what the pipe condition looks like on the inside of the pipe. The plumber is then able to see what is causing a blocked drain and if there are any cracks or breaks, without digging up the pipe.

drain-camera-brisbane-plumberThe drain camera is actually more like a drain video. Your Brisbane plumber can show you the live footage on screen as they push the cable down the pipe. Still photos can be captured during the process and video footage can be recorded as well if required.

It is not essential to use a drain camera when unblocking drain pipes, however if a camera is not used then the following CAN NOT be determined:

  • The cause of the blockage cannot be seen
  • Once the pipe has been cleaned, you cannot see if ALL the blockage has been removed
  • The problem area cannot be located from above ground if it needs to be dug up

It is a good idea to be present / onsite when the work is being carried out at your house. That way the Brisbane plumber can show you the findings on the drain camera screen and you can see the cause of the blockage yourself. A lot of plumbers who unblock drains do not use a drain camera as part of their process.

If you want to know the cause of the problem and whether it has been fixed, then it is important to get a plumber who uses a drain camera with their other equipment such as a water jetter and electric eel / drain snake.

It is also very handy if they have a locator as well. If there is a break in the pipe, they can quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem area, which could save you time and money.

We also offer a pipe relining service.