Pipe Relining Brisbane

Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to fix pipes without digging them up. By using advanced technology called ‘pipe relining’, broken pipes can now be repaired without any need to make a mess of your lawn or dig up your driveway. This method has been utilised across Europe and the US for around 25 years, and Brisbane, Australia has only recently seen the benefits of no dig pipe relining.

Although pipe relining in Brisbane is not suitable or viable in all circumstances, it is useful in situations where digging up the concrete above the pipe will be extremely costly and disruptive. In order to determine whether pipe relining will be possible, the Brisbane plumber will need to camera inspect the pipe and then flush out any debris (such as tree roots) with a high pressure water jetter. Once the pipe is clean they can then make an assessment of the damage, and if relining is an option provide a quote.

a before and after shot of a pipe that has had relining done in Brisbane.

The Brisbane pipe relining  process:

  • A high pressure water jetter is used to clear all debris from the pipe
  • A camera inspection is carried out to be sure the damaged section of pipe has been thoroughly cleaned
  • A long sock-like liner coated with a resin finish is inserted into the damaged section of the  pipe in Brisbane
  • The liner is then inflated and left to cure for some time, at which time the Brisbane pipes are unable to be utilised
  • The sock liner is then removed from the pipe, leaving the resin finish inside, becoming the ‘new’ pipe. The resin finish is very smooth, neat and strong
  • The camera is then sent down the pipe one more time to ensure the operation has been a success and the pipes are functional again

This process generally takes one day to complete, as opposed to many days in the case of the ‘dig up’ method.

Some key advantages of pipe relining to consider:

  • The time frame is a lot shorter; it can be completed within hours so it’s minimally disruptive
  • Landscaping and concrete can be expensive so it’s nice to know these will be left intact; no excavation is required
  • Joints and bends are able to be relined with ease
  • Earthenware as well as PVC plastic pipes can be relined; it’s a versatile tool
  • Once relined, tree roots will be unable to penetrate the section

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